Is this world’s most expensive Yorkshire Pudding?

the Worlds most Expensive Yorkshire Pudding ..SH1001/106f...30th January 2014
the Worlds most Expensive Yorkshire Pudding ..SH1001/106f...30th January 2014
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This pud will give traditonal Yorkshire tightwads a run for their money – stuffed with luxury beef, truffle and finished with gold leaf it is designed to be the most expensive traditional Tyke treat on the market.

The delicacy, on the menu for £500, was prepared by top chefs at the The Devonshire Arms Hotel, Bolton Abbey in aid of National Yorkshire Pudding Day on Sunday February 2.

The offering turns the tables on the historical origins of the dish, which helped bulk out mealtimes for people who couldn’t afford much meat for their roasted dinners.

* Tomorrow the YEP will take an in-depth look at the Yorkshire Pudding and we want to hear from you about how you eat yours. Do you lace your Yorkies with gravy and devour them as a starter, or do you insist on your puddings appearing alongside your roasties, beef and veg? Let us know by emailing or on twitter @LeedsNews

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