Is the NHS in crisis? YEP readers have their say

UNDER PRESSURE: The NHS is facing unprecedented demand.
UNDER PRESSURE: The NHS is facing unprecedented demand.
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A SENIOR councillor’s concerns about the pressures facing the NHS have sparked debate among YEP readers.

Today we reported on the fears held by Coun Peter Gruen that the health service could fail if frank discussions did not take place to address the issue.

Referring to the current debate about the challenges facing the health service, the chairman of Leeds Health Scrutiny Board set out 12 recent incidents and asked readers to decide whether they thought the NHS was in crisis.

So far, 85 per cent of the readers who tave taken part in our online poll had answered yes.

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Our NHS is on brink of collapse: Leeds councillor’s stark warning

Others joined the debate on our Facebook page, putting forward their views.

Edmund Dantés said: “I can attest to the pressure the NHS is under having recently been there wth severe trauma. Still got pinballed around and have to heal mostly at home!

“It’s not the people on th ground. They’re just overworked, underpaid and severely under-resourced!”

Karen Lazenby said: “Make non emergencies wait over four hours to be seen. Might make people think twice about turning up with something trivial!”

Sam Walker questioned whether a free NHS was still a realistic option, saying: “A mix of private insurance based and government funded is the only way to go in the modern age.

“Small charges to see a GP and prescriptions for those of working age is the answer.

Lindsay Hinchcliffe said: “Might help if free prescriptions were not dished out for paracetamol and other medication that costs pence to buy in a supermarket.”

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