Investor tried to torch Leeds law firm

Emmanuel Komolafe.
Emmanuel Komolafe.
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An angry investor who terrified staff at a solicitor’s firm by pouring petrol around an office and trying to set it alight has been jailed.

Emmanuel Komolafe walked into the offices of Dixon Law armed with a can of petrol and a lighter and began dousing the reception area in flammable liquid.

Komolafe, 41, was jailed for two-and-a-half years yesterday over the incident which took place at the firm’s offices at Saw Mill Yard, Holbeck Village, near to Leeds city centre, on December 13 last year.

Some of the liquid landed on one of the employees during the incident at the company’s offices in Leeds. Trainee train driver Komolafe was unable to get the lighter to ignite and staff in the office were able to flee.

Three days before the incident, the Nigerian national sent an e-mail to a Dixon Law director which read: “When the time comes I will definitely pay a visit and in this age and time it is not difficult to settle a score.”

Komolafe walked into the firm’s office at 2pm. Some members of staff had already left to go to a Christmas party. A student on work experience at the offices is now suffering from post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the incident.

Komolafe was sentenced yesterday after a jury convicted the married father-of-two of attempting to destroy by fire being reckless as to whether life was endangered following a trial in June.

The court heard Komolafe travelled by train from London before confronting staff. Komolafe had invested £20,000 in a property venture with Manchester-based Home Trader.

Komolafe had been unhappy with delays.

Jailing Komolafe, judge Paula Tyler said: “This is an extremely serious offence and I am of the opinion that I can only impose an immediate custodial sentence.”

John Harrison, mitigating, said the incident occurred when Komolafe was under extreme stress.

He said: “He is a man of good character.

“A hard-working man who has travelled almost the globe doing things in a number of different guises.”

27 October 2017.
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