Inspiring teachers: your heartfelt nominations from schools in Leeds

Chris Dyson the Headteacher of Parklands Primary School in Seacroft, Leeds, sharing a drink of juice with pupil Finbar Feeley 11.
Chris Dyson the Headteacher of Parklands Primary School in Seacroft, Leeds, sharing a drink of juice with pupil Finbar Feeley 11.
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The Yorkshire Evening Post has been overwhelmed by heartfelt nominations highlighting the tireless work going on in city schools.

Stories of personal experience about the ‘Inspiring Teachers’ who have literally changed lives for the better have portrayed how vital our teachers are.

The YEP Inspiring Teacher nominations picked Sheila Howarth, of Leeds City Academy as overall winner, closely followed by Chris Dyson, of Parklands Primary School in Seacroft, after one parent said he was a ‘legend’.

Other nominations include one from Natalie Marshall who told us: “I would like to nominate Kate Wolstenholme, an English teacher at Parklands Girls High School when I attended. Mrs Wolstenholme devoted a lot of time to me, and without her I wouldn’t have made it though my GCSEs. She was always around for me, and always went the extra mile to make sure all her students attained high grades, she was a great personal support and devoted time to her students out of lessons. She made me the strong character I am today. She taught me to believe in myself, and my abilities.”

Alana Mountain, 12, told us: “I would like to nominate my year 6 primary school teacher at Colton Primary in Leeds, Mr Barker. He was a fantastic teacher who made learning fun. He made everyday the best at school. He was so funny but also strict at times. He had nick names for us all, and put us at rest as soon as we went into year 6.

“He made us all work really hard and got the best out of us all in the class. He worked so hard with us for our Sats exams. He made my last primary school year the one I will never ever forget.”

Callum Mounteney write: “I would like to nominate Mr M Smith from Cockburn College of Arts High school. He in my opinion after 11 Years of school is the best teacher I have ever met.

“He goes beyond that extra mile. I have known him Since Year 9 and he was always the best. He gives up a lot of his time to give me advice on future aspects such as what kind of profession I should take, He is never negative, He does best he can to get them grades,

“He never gets cross he is very good at keeping cool, He was kind and understanding all the way through, He is always a open pair of ears not matter what you need.

“Also he is honest and never holds a grudge, Will do any and every thing he can if people have a problem and He is so perfectly balanced with a fun and Professional side. Very good with his jokes. I understand any and every lesson. He is so fantastic I always give his lesson 110%. I wake up every Tuesday and Thursday and start randomly smiling because I know that day is going to be good because I have ICT. Never in 11 years have I felt like that before for any lesson. If any of the class is struggling to understand he puts it in a way any one can understand.

“Also he is fantastic with his manner. Never lets his personal life affect the way he teaches. Finally he listens to any thing you say does not just switch off. Such as when my Gran passed away. I told him what happened and he was so understanding. He made me feel very relieved and he gave me good advice on what to do. He helped remove allot of the guilt and upset I felt with his flawless advice and understanding. He listened to every word and explained to me ways he felt better and convinced me it was not my fault.

“He is truly the Best Teacher ever and a person who can never been forgotten or disliked.”

Nina Connolly said: “I would like to nominate Rob Potter from Boston Spa Comprehensive he’s a PE teacher. As a parent Mr Potter has stood by my son and helped him immensely when no other teacher has.

“He thoroughly deserves to be recognised as a fabulous teacher.”

The winner of the Yorkshire Evening Post Inspiring teacher search was Sheila Howarth, who wins a trip to Simply Be in the White Rose Centre with a budget to spend of £250 to buy a new wardrobe for the school term with their personal shopping service.

A delighted Sheila said: “I am very moved and touch by this award. After all these years working with young people they have honoured me.”