Inside the 'dark kitchen' in Leeds where meals are made for Deliveroo home delivery

We were given a tour of the Deliveroo Editions kitchen on the edge of Chapeltown in Leeds, as chefs prepared for a Wednesday evening shift.

Saturday, 30th March 2019, 7:00 am
The Deliveroo Editions kitchen in Leeds.

For many, the sites are shrouded in mystery but Deliveroo invited us along to show what goes on behind closed doors and shed light on where home-delivery meals come from when customers order from an Editions kitchen on the delivery company's app.

The Deliveroo Editions kitchen in Leeds sits off Scott Hall Street, on the edge of Chapeltown in a building once used as a church. Picture: Google Maps
The Leeds site is the only Deliveroo Editions kitchen in Yorkshire and opened in October 2017. It hosts several restaurants in a collection of kitchens - and the focus is solely on home delivery.

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Deliveroo kits out its commercial units with purpose-built kitchens. It then takes a commission from each order taken for the brands at its Editions sites.
Six separate kitchen units run along one wall for the restaurants to occupy, whilst along the other wall is a walk-in fridge and food storage pantry.
Currently three clients operate from the site - Zouk, Proove pizza and Noodle Inn, but there is turnover.
The restaurants employ their own chefs and staff, but Deliveroo provider central services including site management and cleaning, and there is also a fleet of riders.
Chefs work on orders once they start coming through from 4.30pm weekdays for delivery after 5pm. On weekends, things kick off at noon.
The average order time is said to be 27 minutes from the point that you click that you want your food to the point that it arrives at your door.