Innovation in the city marked in directory

Hyde Park Picture House
Hyde Park Picture House
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INNOVATIVE projects in Leeds are featured in a directory celebrating inspirational activities across the North of England.

The Hannah Directory covers everything from the arts to business, digital media and social organisations and promotes the idea of cooperation rather than rivalry between northern cities and towns.

Leeds boasts 12 entries in the publication, including a film screening, writers’ group, social enterprise, peace charity and art exhibition.

Andrew Wilson, a Yorkshire artist who uses new media, said witnessing the variety of creative projects taking place had inspired him to compile the directory.

“I was seeing fantastic stuff happening across the north of England which I didn’t think was getting fair credit.

“I wanted to make a structure for people to cooperate with each other.”

One of the events listed is a rare screening of Leeds – United! at Hyde Park Picture House, with members of the original cast and crew attending.

The film, which was a BBC Play for Today in 1974, reconstructs a strike in which 30,000 workers, mostly women, came out for a gender-equal pay increase, but were controversially undermined by their own union.

The first Hannah Directory began in Leeds last year and this year the number of entries has almost doubled to around 45, including a host of people and organisations in Newcastle, Sheffield, Barrow, Manchester, Huddersfield, Gateshead, Durham, Stockport, Liverpool and Preston.

Andrew said he hoped the expansion would continue and that his celebration of northern endeavours will be read around the globe.

“Last year I ran a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign 
for Hannah and this year I’m asking people to contribute some time rather than money by joining the By Hand Delivery Network and dropping off 10 copies of the directory in their favourite spot.

“A connection made 
through the directory might spark somebody’s imagination in Britain or internationally and prompt them to get in touch so that by sharing ideas and inspiration even more great stuff can happen.”

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