If “Friends” had been set in Leeds

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Check out our spoof episode list if Friends had been set in Leeds.

* The one where Chandler and Joey reminisce about the atmosphere at Elland Road in the 1980s.

* The one where they all move to Chapel Allerton and live on quiche.

* The one where Phoebe plays a poorly-received solo set on the second stage at Leeds Festival.

* The one where Ross and Monica watch videos of themselves as teenagers hanging around the Corn Exchange steps.

* The one where Joey lands a cameo role on Emmerdale but is then fired for asking when the next plane crash is.

* The one where Ross opens a short-lived paleontology-themed bar on Call Lane.

* The one where Monica is thrown out of The Man Behind the Curtain for offering Michael O’Hare cookery tips.

* The one where Phoebe falsely claims she saw The Jam at Queens Hall.

* The one where Ross and Rachel have a romantic reconciliation in the Saltaire bar at Leeds Bradford Airport.

* The one where Chandler and Joey ‘borrow’ a meerkat from Tropical World.