Iconic city view will be secured with £325,000 investment

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Work will begin today on securing one of the most iconic and striking views in Leeds for years to come.

The neon letters which adorn the roof of The Tetley, once the famous brewery head-quarters, are going to be replaced in an investment worth £325,000.

The letters which spell out, “The Home of Tetley’s Established 1822”, are going to be replaced by a handmade, bespoke replica to ensure they continue to shine brightly in the Leeds skyline.

Some letters have faded in colour and are in need of repair, having been on the roof of the building built in 1931. The roof will also be refurbished in the programme, scheduled to last until May.

The Tetley is entering its third full year as a centre for contemporary art and learning following the closure of the brewery in 2011 but is still owned by Carlsberg UK who took over in 1998.

Bruce Ray, corporate affairs director, said: “We’re proud of our commitment to maintaining The Tetley as an iconic building in Leeds and for UK brewing.

“In its current use as a community art space we’re seeing thousands of local people flocking through its doors each year.

“As such, we’re happy to invest to ensure the building is well maintained and the bright neon letters once again shine brightly across the city.”