I thought I was the chosen one - one of Savile’s Leeds hospital victims

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A WOMAN who was sexually assaulted as an ill teenager by Jimmy Savile in the basement of a hospital wants reassurances such abuse can never happen again.

They just laughed at us: Savile’s 60 victims at Leeds Infirmary

Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile

Health secretary says sorry for Savile’s “sickening” sexual abuse

Savile’s victim, who asked to be identified only as Jane, told the Press Association she spent decades believing she was the disgraced presenter’s “chosen one”, not realising hundreds of others had suffered like her.

The now 57-year-old, who was assaulted in 1973, said she felt “utterly disgusted” after the now-deceased entertainer forced her to perform a sex act on him and was “shocked” when the full extent of his abuse was revealed nearly two years ago.

The married mother-of-one, who has wed three times, said the assault followed what she now realises was a short period of grooming by radio and TV star Savile, who was volunteering at the hospital.

Jane, who lives in Yorkshire, said she wants an apology from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, who she accuses of “betraying” her.

Jane, who was an in-patient of the LGI, being treated for the effects of a nervous breakdown, was just 16 years old when Savile assaulted her and described herself as young-looking with a pixie haircut and wearing a short, cheesecloth dress.

“I had seen Jimmy Savile around the hospital, everybody had,” she said. “From time to time, he came up on to the ward and he chatted to just about everybody.”

In late 1973, Savile struck up a conversation with Jane on the hospital ward, when he was volunteering as a porter, which she described as containing around 30 to 35 beds.

“We got talking, he’d ask where I came from, I told him it was a little village near York.

“He said ‘oh right, I know that very well’. He said ‘I do a lot of walking, charity walks, and I actually know someone from the village’. That was his opening line.”

A few days after their first conversation, Savile asked Jane to accompany him out of the hospital.

“He must have cleared it with staff that they were happy for me to go off the ward,” the 57-year-old said. “He took me down the stairs, out of the hospital, across the grounds and out to a newsagent shop, which was just outside the front steps. I don’t think it’s there now.”

“He went in and said ‘my friend’s been poorly, let’s make her better’.

“I always remember this - the whole Jimmy Savile thing is like a snapshot in my mind - he actually cleared the whole counter with his arm. So there were magazines, papers, sweets, you name it, on the counter and they were delivered to the ward that afternoon.”

She added: “At that time, it was like I was the chosen one. Down the line, it’s obviously grooming, we know this.”

“There was so much media coverage about the good work he was doing, that he was working as a porter in the hospital, raising funds, it was just this kind of, almost like a superstar in those days,” Jane said. “As a 16-year-old, of course, he was paying attention to me, that was rather lovely.”

A few days after her trip to the newsagent, a porter approached Jane and said Savile wanted to see her.

The porter took the then teenager down some stairs into “depths of Leeds General Infirmary”, along an underground passage with huge heating pipes along it, before approaching a door.

The mother-of-one said: “He knocked on the door, not a word was said, he knocked on the door and opened the door. And there was Jimmy Savile leaning up against the wall.”

Savile was dressed in a T-shirt and jogging trousers, Jane said.

She went on: “He gently pulled me in, there was no grabbing hold of me and screaming or anything like that. He gently pulled me in, where the door finished he was there. He held me to him and he started to kiss me, he put his tongue in my mouth.

“At the same time, his left hand went on to my thigh underneath my dress because I was fully clothed. His right hand went on to my left breast, outside the clothes.

“The whole thing only happened five or six minutes, this was how long the whole thing was.”

Jane said Savile “came up for breath” and asked if she was taking the contraceptive pill, to which she replied “no”.

“With that, he took his left hand down from my thigh, took hold of my hand, which was hanging down the side of me at that point and started to masturbate him with my hand.

“It didn’t take very long, at all. And then he said ‘you’ve got to go’. He knocked on the door, a normal knock on the door, somebody else opened it from the other side, not the porter, a third person, who I have since identified and made a statement about.”

Jane, who went on to work as a nurse, said she was taken back to the bottom of the stairs leading back to the ward.

When she attempted to explain what happened to the nurses, she was cut short with laughter.

“I said to the nurses ‘you wouldn’t believe what’s just happened’. I got as far as ‘Jimmy’ and they just laughed and that was the end of the episode.”

Jane said she has always been honest and open about what happened with friends and family.

She said: “My mother believed me, she said ‘but the thing is, he’s such a celebrity, who’s going to believe you, love?’ And she was right.”

After the ITV documentary, Exposure: The Other Side Of Jimmy Savile, was aired in October 2012, Jane decided to contact the hospital - but at first she received no replies.

She sent her first email to the then chairman of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust board, Mike Collier, but claims she received no reply.

Jane said: “He ignored me, so I ignored all the members of the trust in the end. The second one ignored me, the third one finally came back to me.”

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