"I'm a reformed character": Leeds barber and Love Island contestant Simon Searles talks romance

Simon Searles
Simon Searles
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He admits he's cheated in the past - but Leeds barber Simon Searles wants to change his ways during his spell on ITV reality show Love Island.

The 28-year-old worked at Unions Barbers in Hyde Park and has also modelled for online fashion retailer Asos.

Here's the show's official interview with Simon, who entered the Love Island villa in Majorca this week.

What is your USP?

The fact that I’m quite a reformed character when it comes to relationships – I’m definitely much more mature than I used to be and I’ve made every mistake you can make.

What is the appeal of Love Island for you?

I think it’s a show that would really suit who I am and it’s a very unique way of meeting someone. People have found real love and formed solid relationships there. I’m really open to meeting someone that I have a long-term future with.

What is your dating reputation like?

Over the past 18 months, I’ve not been sleeping around, I’ve been on a few dates and I’ve been looking for a girlfriend. Before that, I cheated on my ex and probably had quite a bad reputation at one point. I’ve changed since then.

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done or someone has done for you?

I don’t think I’m particularly romantic – I always make sure that I pay, I usually book a restaurant that I know the girl likes, but I’m not that mushy.

What is the worst date you have ever been on?

I took a girl on a date and she started arguing with the waiter, which really put me off. Someone who is argumentative is a big turn-off.

What type of girl would be your biggest nightmare in the villa?

Someone who makes trouble, is bitchy, and unwelcoming to new islanders. A person who puts a negative vibe out there.

How loyal will you be to the boys – would you betray a friend for a girl you liked?

It’s a game at the end of the day and I will expect the same if I stay in the show and another new boy comes in. I don’t feel like I have loyalties. I will be polite, but it is what it is.

Who do you have your eye on in the villa?

I’m thinking Montana and Amber.

Which guys do you see yourself bonding with?

Marcel and Jonny – they seem like nice guys.

Looking at last year’s series, by this time next year you could be engaged or having a baby – do you think that’s a possibility?

I’m definitely open to all of that. It’s something you have to be open to coming onto a show like this.

How would your exes describe you?

Quite funny and loving but also a bit of a cheat. I can be dishonest at times but I’m always loving.

Have you ever broken anyone’s heart?

Yes – probably just one girl, we were together for eight years on and off. I think if she saw me on this she’d be happy for me, we’re on good terms now.

What is your claim to fame?

I’ve done some modelling for a fashion brand – that’s the biggest thing I’ve done.

You are a barber and Kem is a hairdresser – do you predict any rivalry?

I can cut his hair and he can cut mine and we can see eye to eye on that level! As far as the game goes though, bring it on!