‘I am known for weapons and murder’: Leeds neighbour jailed for stab threats

Leeds Crown Court.
Leeds Crown Court.

A MAN who produced a knife and threatened to stab one of his neighbours in the stomach during a drunken row has been jailed for seven months.

Adam Peterson turned violent after spending the evening drinking with his next door neighbours at their home on Tunstall Road, Beeston, Leeds, on October 10 last year.

Leeds Crown Court heard Peterson and his partner had been invited into the property which was shared by three men.

Peterson and his partner left after the three men went to order food from a takeaway.

Peterson returned later in the evening and was brandishing a metal bar. He then produced two knives from the waistband of his trousers.

He ordered the men to close the curtains and sit on the sofa before threatening to slice them and stab one of the men in the stomach. Two of the men managed to disarm Peterson and he left the property.

Police were called and Peterson was arrested nearby.

The court heard he was stripped to the waist and told officers: “Do you know who I am? I am known for weapons and murder!”

He struggled with the officers but was detained and found in possession of the knives. The metal bar was recovered from his flat.

Peterson pleaded guilty to affray and making threats with a bladed article. He has 41 previous convictions including public order offences and for possession of weapons.

He was jailed for seven months. Peter Byrne, mitigating, said Peterson’s offending was linked to drink and drugs but he had been addressing his problems while in custody. Judge Neil Clark said: “These are serious matters. Those threats were particularly unpleasant. It is obvious how things can get out of control and people can be badly hurt.”