Husband sent to jail for attacks on his wife

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A violent husband has been jailed for carrying out “shocking” attacks on his wife.

Christopher Waterworth, 40, was jailed for two years and three months after a court heard how he broke partner Suzanne’s wrist and a finger after repeatedly kicking in her one attack and pulling the hair from her head.

A court heard the couple had been together for six years and had been married for two-and-half years when Waterworth was arrested in November last year.

Richard Smith, prosecuting, said Waterworth was an alcoholic and he was drunk when he carried out the attack when she returned home from work.

The pair argued and Waterworth flew into a rage after she told him she had had enough of his drinking.

Waterworth grabbed her by the hair and threw her onto the floor before punching her several times to the face and then kicked her about the body.

Clumps of hair were also pulled out of her head during the attack at their home on Elland Road, Beeston.

Police were called and Waterworth was arrested at the property.

Mrs Waterworth then told officers about another attack she had been subjected to in May 2011.

During that incident she had suffered a broken wrist and finger as she tried to shield herself from repeated kicks.

Hair had also been pulled from her head during that attack.

She went to hospital after the incident but told medical staff she had injured herself on a chair and did not report it to the police.

The court heard Waterworth continued to harass the victim after his arrest by sending her text messages,

He wrote abuse about her on Facebook andsent text messages pretending to be someone else.

Waterworth also turned up at her home and waited for outside her place of work on a number of occasions.

He pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, harassment and breach of a restraining order.

Michael Smith, for Waterworth, said his client had a long standing problem with alcohol and was receiving treatment.

He said problems with his temper and financial issues had also contributed to the violence.

Judge Guy Kearl, QC, said: “Photographs show the extent of the blows and they are shocking in their severity.”

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