Husband forgives ex-lovers who plotted by text message to attack him

Katherine Poxon with her husband Steven. Pictures: Ross Parry Agency
Katherine Poxon with her husband Steven. Pictures: Ross Parry Agency
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A WOMAN from West Yorkshire who cooked up a scheme with her ex-lover to brutally attack her spouse has been jailed for 27 months - but has been forgiven by her understanding husband.

Cheating wife Katherine Poxon, 22, and her lover Stephen Swallow, 44, have both been jailed for the plot via text, which a judge said lacked “guile and sophistication”.

Leeds Crown Court heard the young mother nagged her ex-lover Swallow, texting him to say “get the job done”, after husband Steven Poxon discovered the affair and threatened to take custody of their son.

But Steven has forgiven his wife, attending court for the sentence and planning to reconcile with her when she is released from jail.

The court heard Poxon’s marriage had been unhappy and the two had split in December 2012, before reuniting in spring 2013.

Later that year Poxon, of Pontefract, began an affair with 44-year-old Swallow, who she had known before and met again by chance.

Gurdial Singh, prosecuting, told the court that Poxon had sent her lover a series of texts before saying: “I hope you kill Stu [Steven] babe, then we can be happy”.

“You know if you come out tomorrow will you and your mate do that thing for me? I would love for it to be done so we can be together.”

She then sent him a text asking him to “get the job done”.

Swallow was later seen by a neighbour standing drinking outside their house in September last year, claiming he was “off to stab Poxon” and pulling two knives out of his pocket.

In a statement to police, the neighbour said: “I was aware of the affair that was going on. I was at home when I saw Swallow outside his house mouthing off and drinking from a can of lager.

“He said, ‘I’m off to go and stab stab him’, then he took two knives out of his pocket.

“I calmed him down and told him to go back inside, he later thanked me for calming him down.”

Swallow, of Featherstone, said he had known Katherine Poxon, who appeared in the dock wearing black shiny leggings, a checked shirt and bright pink sneakers, for a few years before moving away and meeting again by chance,

before beginning an affair.

The two were arrested last September and had their phones seized by officers,

after Swallow admitted to his niece that he planned to kill Mr Poxon.

Defending Swallow, Robin Frieze told the judge his client was a “vulnerable” person with previous convictions for theft and moderate violence, fuelled by problems with drink and depression.

Mr Frieze said: “Poxon knew about his psychiatric problems and he thought she would support him, instead she said she wanted her husband dead so he said he would help her.

“He said he wouldn’t have gone through with it although there were several occasions he left the house with a knife.”

Mr Frieze told the judge his client had later described Poxon as being “twisted”, that her marriage was “unhappy” and that she was “angry” with her husband for threatening to take away their son and wanted him to get him “out of her life”.

Richard Clews, for Poxon - who has never worked - was described as an “immature and silly girl, rather than a calculating and cold criminal”.

In February, Poxon and Swallow pleaded guilty to conspiring to conspiring together to unlawfully cause GBH.

Telling them they should be “thankful” of the neighbour’s intervention, Judge Geoffrey Marson QC sentenced Swallow to three years in prison, while Poxon was jailed for 27 months.

Turning to Poxon he said: “This was not a sophisticated conspiracy, and I am aware your husband has forgiven you.

“You are still very young and have no previous convictions.”

He added: “You lack guile and sophistication and Mr Swallow you are fortunate you have a supportive family who will allow you to stay with them when you are released from prison.

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