Hunt for killer who hanged dog in Leeds

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THE RSPCA is hunting a sick killer who hanged a dog from railings on a Leeds bridge.

The stricken animal, spotted by a horrified member of the public, was dangling underneath the bridge on Neville Road, around 12ft above the Wyke Beck in Halton, on Sunday afternoon.

The chain it was hanging from was wrapped around its neck and in a gruesome twist, the creature was reportedly still alive when first discovered. But it died before it could be rescued.

West Yorkshire RSPCA inspector Ben Cassell said: “It beggars belief why someone would think of doing this. It is a truly appalling way to end a dog’s life.”

He said the dog had no form of identification, such as a microchip or tag, but he believes someone must know who it belonged to.

“It is quite a close community around that area, so if the dog was owned by someone who lives nearby then someone must recognise him. The dog’s body was in good condition.

“ The animal had clean teeth, had been well fed and had short nails which suggested he was regularly walked.”

The RSPCA was called to the scene after a passer-by witnessed the shocking spectacle and initially rang the police.

The dog, a male Akita aged around three or four, was dead by the time inspector Cassell arrived.

It is the second incident of a dog being hanged that the RSPCA has been called to investigate in weeks, after a male Staffordshire bull terrier-mastiff crossbreed was found hanged in Dudley, West Midlands, on 28 June.

He too was found hanged by a chain attached to a metal fence above a street. It is the subject of an ongoing RSPCA investigation.

Anyone with information on the Leeds killing is urged to ring RSPCA inspector Cassell on 0300 123 8018.

The charity relies on cash from the public to investigate incidents like this. To pledge £3 to the RSPCA, text HELP to 78866.


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