Hundreds react to new permanent Gypsy and Traveller homes being built by Leeds Council

Hundreds of people have reacted to the news that Leeds Council is opening a new permanent site for Gypsy and Traveller families in Leeds.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 4th January 2019, 1:48 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 2:25 pm
Leeds Councillors cutting the ribbon on the new Gypsy and Traveller site in Leeds
Leeds Councillors cutting the ribbon on the new Gypsy and Traveller site in Leeds

The site will 'end the cycle' of eviction and encampment, the authority says.

It is the second such site to be built in the city after Cottingley Springs opened 49 years ago.

Leeds Councillors cutting the ribbon on the new Gypsy and Traveller site in Leeds

This is how you reacted to the news which broke on Thursday afternoon.

Katie Louise Whale said: "It's a permanent site not a house.... it's to stop the cycle of evictions. They want them to stay there so they don't have to go out every week serving eviction notices, long term saving the tax payers money. Everyone moans about travellers around, give them some where to settle and everyone moans. Please read the actual article before you comment."

Another user added: "Why’s everyone making out they’re aliens, ‘hope they pay water and gas and electric’ they’re still people. Doesn’t matter if they want to live in a caravan or in a mansion. You’re talking like they’re scum"

Laine Thompson said: "Just read a comment saying give the homeless homes first travellers did not make them homeless, their parents did. Their families did so any one that thinks travellers live for nothing and don't deserve somewhere safe to live, look at the council estates where the houses are used and abused by people who live on the dole, one parent families who keep having children and taking drugs. Do we say don't give anyone a council house? No we don't so stop presuming you know who pays council tax or bills this is 2019 no on lives for nothing so if it's not fact make no comment."

Mo Walker said: "Gypsies have been around for 1,500 years it is their culture their belief their way of life and I think what Leeds city council has done is amazing any other culture being ridiculed or attacked like this there would be serious recuperation just saying "

ÄŒhloe Šmith said: "Get ya finger pulled out and sort something out about the homeless. ridiculous!"

Josh Pestcontrol Carver said: "Notice everyone asking what the council's done for the homeless. Probably a bit more than you, also travellers have probably donated 50% of all food bank donations this year in 1 month alone. Never mind how many hospitals they donated toys to. So the question is what has everyone commenting done for the homeless?"

Lyndsey Smith said: "Not all travellers are bad! Don't tar them with the same brush! If thats how people are going on then you need to stop discriminating."

Gillian Keach said: "Bet it's nowhere near where councillors live either."

Ashley Linnecor said: "I'd rather travellers have a permanent site then be stuck in a car park or at the side of the road. Not all travellers are bad, there's good and bad in everyone. The answer regrading homeless, there has been help plenty of times to try and get them accommodation but they don't take it, they would just rather sit on streets and beg and take their spice"

Joe Longbottom said: "How’s about they build houses/flats for the homeless?"

Nicole Crosby-Mckenna said: "I really don't understand some of the hate or anger. A family living in a caravan is a family that is not on the 'streets' or being housed in a hostel, B&B, limited social housing or a private landlord paid through housing benefits.

"Although I think it is right that we pay tax to help those who have housing needs. People get angry if travellers park on roads, grass verges, car parks, recreational land or wasteland - so the council have made a second site 49 years after the first.

"Yes more social housing is desperately needed - but so is this site and the land and build for 8 pods is far cheaper than building 8 quality social houses. If the travellers and gypsies didn't have a caravan they would need to be housed, otherwise they too would be homeless. Yes, some families choose a caravan over buying or renting a house - but why shouldn't they?"