Huge gulf in Leeds student rent prices

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Research has revealed that Leeds has one of the biggest ‘rent gaps’ of UK university cities.

The website Accommodation for Students has found a huge disparity between the weekly fees charged by standard and high-end accommodation providers.

Leeds students can pay as little as £59 per week for a basic room, rising to £198 for a luxury let.

The annual report on student rentals found that the average price of an undergraduate’s room is £86.76 per week - although London students have seen their rents increase by 12 per cent in the last year.

London’s average charge is now £148 per week, while tenants in the Welsh capital, Cardiff, pay just £72. Exeter and Aberdeen are also expensive university cities, and the survey found that students at higher-performing institutions were likely to pay more in rent - with the exeption of top 10 Loughborough, where local rents are only £77.

The cheapest university city was Bolton, where a privately let room costs around £65 per week, and the rate of bills-inclusive tenancies has now risen to 63 per cent, the highest-ever level.

Estate agents also released figures suggesting that £5.8million had been invested in the booming student accommodation market in the past year.