How to make Leeds transport of delight!

Leeds traffic tail-backs
Leeds traffic tail-backs
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Your YEP pages and web posts reflect fact transport is very much at the forefront of local opinion.

Amplifying that news agenda, community forum members suggest how Leeds can best become more transport-friendly city.

Transport continues to drive YEP news agenda

Transport continues to drive YEP news agenda

If you’re over 18, live or work in Leeds area, email to come and join the gang and become involved (like latest recruit, Pudsey 19 year-old Natasha) to have a regular say on local issues, starting with coming YEP Readers' Panel question, reflecting recent Be Happy Leeds coverage, prompting lighter question to counter January gloom, "Who and what, in our city and generally, make you smile?"

James Kirk

You follow the yellow brick road and, when you reach the end, you ask the wizard to give a brain to those granted £173.5 million for Leeds transport improvements in the hope they don't waste it on another bicycle lane!

Natasha Meek

Money doesn't grow on trees so I think it's best to invest in our current transport systems. Hybrid buses to help lower pollution levels, and scrapping single-decker buses, encourage more people to pay for public transport. If the quality of the bus service improves, to match the ever increasing prices, then less people will choose cars. Being transport-friendly also means being eco-friendly.

Dave Kelly

Grumpiest bus drivers in the world! The cost of tickets on First Bus currently means for many families its actually cheaper to get taxis. Lots of families rely on sub-standard services that cost a bomb. Come on Metro - start looking after the bread 'n' butter passengers.

Dennis Appleyard

Better services, reliability, improved vehicle access plus the dissemination of information like the live tracking of buses, via an app that is available, but can be improved. It would attract more people to use the public transport network and, eventually, Leeds would become a public transport-friendly city.

Denis Angood

I have for years expounded theories on what should be done, I have even regaled Coun Lewis personally. His reason for nothing substantial happening always came down to funding. The answer then is to ensure ample funding is available that will see the fruition of any project undertaken. The preference would be the start of an underground/overground system.

Amy Green

I'd love to see an underground system in Leeds eventually. However, in the interim, we have to address the main gripes with transport. In my opinion, these buses and trains are not reliable and, when they do turn up, they are often overcrowded, so we must restore the public's faith in the system. Invest ... and they will come!