How Leeds mum slimmed from size 18 to TEN with new weight loss therapy

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A Leeds nurse whose body weight more than doubled since starting her job has praised a new diet therapy for transforming her life.

Jeanette Hannam, of Barwick-in-Elmet, weighed just seven stones when she started her career.

But, to cope with working through the night caring for clients in their own homes, the 54-year-old turned to crisps and chocolate to boost energy levels and stay alert.

The nurse of 30 years weighed in at 14-and-a-half stones until she took on the Alevere Therapy diet, a medically-supervised system of meal replacements and treatments to tighten the skin.

Just five months after starting, Jeanette has shed four and a half stones and shrunk from a size 18 to a size 10.

“Gradually I went up to fourteen and a half stones,” she said. “Basically because I was giving myself energy to do my job by constantly eating chocolate and crisps, sometimes up to six bars of chocolate and six packets of crisps in one night.

The mum-of-two praised the Alevere Therapy diet, developed by Rothwell-based Dr Mark Palmer, for her new figure.

She said: “I feel fantastic. Before I felt sluggish and ill. I had back problems, and I had heartburn all the time. I reached a point where I was just working and then sleeping, I never exercised. Now all that has changed and I am full of energy.”

The Alevere Therapy costs around £200 per week, and Jeanette has spent £4,000 to achieve her new look.

She added: “ It was more than worth it. I knew straight away that the diet would suit me, and I enjoyed the whole experience.”

Daily diet before and after therapy

We look at Jeanette’s diet before and after the therapy.


Breakfast: Two Weetabix, three slices of toast, two coffees.

Mid-morning: Chocolate bar or crisps, coffee.

Evening meal: Roast chicken dinner, ice cream.

Pre-work snack: Digestive biscuits, coffee.

During night: Six coffees with a chocolate bar and crisps.


Breakfast: Weetabix and a green tea.

Mid-morning: Fruit.

Mid afternoon: Fruit.

Evening meal: Big chicken salad.

During night: Peppermint tea.