Horse car crash horror for Leeds mum-to-be

The damage done by the stray horse
The damage done by the stray horse
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A pregnant mum has been left furious and shocked after nobody stopped to help her and her son after they were almost crushed by a stray horse.

Nicola Adams, 37, who is seven months pregnant, and her 14-year-old son escaped serious injury after the accident at 2.50pm on Friday.

Nicola said she was driving her red Peugeot 206 on Thorpe Lane in Morley at about 20mph when the accident happened.

She said: “There were children on the street and I thought they might run out into the road, so I slowed down.

“The next thing I know my son, Rees, is shouting “horse” and there’s a horse crashing down on the windscreen and bonnet. It came out of nowhere and crashed down, breaking the windscreen and squashing the car before disappearing.

“Nobody stopped to help. People were just driving past, looking.”

Eventually a couple offered their help. An ambulance arrived shortly afterwards and a shocked Nicola and Rees were taken to hospital. “We have been very lucky. The police told us that if I had been going any faster then it could have been much, much worse.

“Because nobody knows where the horse went or who it belongs to, nobody is being held responsible, which means I have to pay for the car fixing, pay the excess on the insurance, which will also go up, meaning its me who is out of pocket.”

Anyone who saw the incident or has information about the horse and its owner is asked to contact PC James Carter at the Outer South NPT on 101.”

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