Hopes raised for Leeds car park to be skyscraper

There are still hopes that Leeds's City Square House development will go ahead – despite the site becoming a car park.

The development on the corner of City Square and Wellington Street, next to Leeds Railways Station, was mothballed in 2009 when the economy went into the doldrums.

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But there is now hope the project for a 14 storey office block offering 170,000 square feet of space will get a shot in the arm in the near future.

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A car park on the site has just been opened by Elite Parking but this is not expected to be a permanent move.

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Glenn Levison, partner with Sanderson Weatherall, joint agent for the

site with Knight Frank, said: "There is no long-term plan for it to be a car park.

"It's a year and then breakable thereafter so it is very flexible."

He said the use of the site as a car park was intended to help tidy up the site.

Mr Levison said the City Square House project, being developed by Irish company McAleer and Rushe Group, is still on the cards and could get under way when the economy picks up.

He said that a number of property leases for firms in the city would be ending soon so their search for new homes could be the impetus needed to get work underway.

Mr Levison said the decision was taken to put the project on hold in

2009 because of the state of the economy.

He said: "We noticed that the market in Leeds dipped off at the start of 2009 and then it plateaued. It has not got better nor worse.

"Everybody hopes that next year will be better.

"The feeling in the city is that there are some big leases expiring in 2013/14 and, everything being equal, that will drive people to look at the situation.

"In terms of marketing we have adopted a low-key approach but it is still full steam ahead.

"It is one of the best sites in Leeds, right next to the railway station."

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