Home security is a key issue for Leeds city councillor

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A safety alert has opened the door for a Leeds city councillor to bid for locks to be changed.

A demonstration by security organisation Community Action and Support Against Crime (CASAC) has made Coun Jack Dunn (Lab, Ardsley and Robin Hood) aware of the increasing number of break-ins in Leeds where burglars are snapping euro cylinder locks.

He has since helped the burglary reduction charity to bid for funds to change locks on 70 homes in his ward.

Coun Dunn has also invited CASAC to demonstrate the locks’ weaknesses to every community group in his ward.

He said: “We need to get it across as much as we can just how important it is to change those locks.

“It really opened my eyes, that’s why I’m pushing it at every community group.

“I’m going to ask the area committee to support it 100 per cent.”

Around a quarter of burglaries in West Yorkshire are committed by criminals using a technique called “lock snapping”.

There has reportedly been a rise in the technique, which involves applying force and snapping the cylinders in two.

CASAC has applied for the funds from Aire Valley Homes’ outer south area panel in a bid to change front and back door locks on 70 homes, costing £125 per home.

Coun Dunn said that he is looking for as many minor grants as possible so people can be supported in securing their homes and that if residents get locks changed privately they can get group discounts.

Neil Goldup, chief executive of CASAC, said: “All councillors are concerned about it as nothing’s been done for so long, it’s got to a point where it’s ridiculous, in Leeds and West Yorkshire in particular.

“The main thing is not to panic and not raise the fear of crime.”

He said that solid secure diamond level locks are the locks that people should get fitted as replacements for euro cylinders.

Euro cylinder locks are fitted to millions of properties, usually UPVC and other double glazed doors.

A decision on whether the Ardsley and Robin Hood funding will be granted is expected before the end of March.

For a free assessment call 0845 5192122 or visit www.casac.org.uk for details.

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