Home from home is not cutting it?

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Once deemed the perfect scenario - working from your armchair, with your feet up, in your pyjamas while watching Jeremy Kyle - is no more.

Home-working for the independent, solo start-up entrepreneur is being replaced by a trend in the city for shared workspaces, desk rentals and even working from a laptop in public spaces such as cafes and pubs.

Aire Place Studios is now running ‘Creative Cafe’ which is a free weekly meetup for freelancers, creatives and anyone who wants a change of scene.

As well as relieving the isolation that sometimes comes from working for yourself, the event aims to help the city’s independents engage with and be inspired by others.

Duke Studios is an open collaborative space that has taken a fresh approach to the co-working model under the vision of Laura Wellington and James Abbott Donnelly who founded the company in 2011.

It’s members range from animators, web developers, interior designers, architects, DJs and Bloggers in music, fashion, food and design.

Depending on the type of business you are and the budget you have you can rent a studio or just co-work from a desk from £99 a month to £390 - with tea included.

And launching next month is Light Space Collective, a co-working space for independent wedding industry workers based near Meanwood.

The approach is being backed by jobs and recruitment expert, Craig Burton, managing director of The Works.

He said: “People talk about home-working and flexible working. It is your home but do you want to be there 24/7? “I want to interact with human beings and have a chat and work somewhere but not pay £4 for a cup of coffee every time I do.”

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