Hero dog saves Leeds owner from fire

'Rescue' dog Brodie.
'Rescue' dog Brodie.
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Brave Brodie is Kippax’s very own answer to Lassie.

The heroic hound saved her owner’s life by waking her up after their Leeds home had caught fire.

Brodie’s barks woke up owner Barbara Smith in the early hours of Thursday morning as a fire threatened to engulf her home.

And Barbara, who has had the 11-year-old Staffie cross since she was a pup, said she owes her life to her rescue dog.

Barbara, 56, told the YEP: “I heard her whimpering and thought she wanted to go out to the toilet but as soon as I opened the back door the smoke hit me.

“I shouted to my husband that there was a fire in the house.

“I just feel so lucky because is she hadn’t alerted us to it then we would be dead.

“She’s my little hero.”

The fire broke out in the Smith’s house, in Kippax, after the motor in the family’s chest freezer started burning out.

The blaze, which started just feet from Brodie’s bed in the outhouse, woke up the dog at around 5am on Thursday.

Barbara and her husband Paul attempted to put out the fire themselves.

But they were forced to call out firecrews from Garforth Station to help them after it looked like the glowing embers could reignite.

During the commotion Brodie ran out of the house in a panic.

Eventually Barbara’s daughter contacted her to let her mum know that she had found the shocked pooch wondering the streets in a daze.

The great grandmother praised her dog’s efforts and promised her plenty of treats for her quick-thinking efforts.

And she has also vowed to let Brodie sleep in the kitchen rather than the outhouse.

Barbara added: “She will be having big steaks all week as a treat.

“It’s the first time she has ever done anything like this.

“She’s very clever at opening doors and the children all think she’s terrific,

“They think that even more now and the whole family just can’t believe what happened.”

Watch manager Alan Bagnall, from Garforth Fire Station, added: “If it hadn’t been for the dog then the fire would have eventually spread to the house and the occupants could have been trapped.”

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