Help to get older people back in the kitchen

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Older people who are struggling to cook nutritious meals have been invited to take part in a healthy eating programme run by Age UK.

The charity has organised a six-week Appetite for Life course in Leeds, which aims to bring the elderly and those with long-term health problems together to enjoy preparing and eating food as a group. It promotes wellbeing while reducing social isolation for those who are likely to be living and cooking alone.

The sessions will be held in the Arch Cafe inside the Bradbury Building on Mark Lane in the city centre, and are supported by the Leeds Innovation Fund.

Older people can often suffer from nutritional problems if they are finding it difficult to buy and prepare food, have mobility problems or become less interested in cooking once they are no longer living with a family. Appetite for Life encourages the social aspects of cooking and mealtimes, as well as experimentation with new flavours and cuisines.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for people to try something new and meet other like-minded people, whilst enjoying some amazing food in a lovely social setting. Previous participants have found the course to be inspiring and motivating and ‘just what I needed!’ “ said Age UK health and wellbeing co-ordinator Sarah Prescott.

Eligible participants must be aged over 50 or suffer from a long-term health condition. The programme is also open to those who have suffered a significant trauma, such as a bereavement or illness, which has impacted on their health.

The sessions run on Tuesday afternoons from 4-30-6.30pm and cost £3 per person, including a two-course meal. Transport can be provided.

for more information and to book a place call 0113 3893007.