Help for elderly to stay at home

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Senior councillors are being asked to invest £1 million in innovative technology that will help older people live safely and independently at home.

Members of Leeds City Council’s executive board will next week be asked to approve the spending on equipment for the Leeds Tele Care Service, which provides sensors and alarms that keep older and disabled people safe around the house.

The funding is the final part of a £3m package to meet the huge rise in demand for support to allow more vulnerable adults to live in their own homes for as long as possible. It is also intended to save money for the council and NHS as people are more able to continue to live at home.

Councillor Lisa Mulherin, Leeds City Council’s executive member for health, wellbeing and adults, said: “Tele Care is a fundamental part in our ambition to support more older people to live independently in their own homes for longer.

“More and more of the adults we work with tell us that is what they want, but to meet that demand, we need to be able to ensure they can do it safely and that means investing in innovative technology like Tele Care, which allows customers the freedom to choose to live at home whilst knowing the support is there if and when they need it.”

In 2010, a total of 2,069 customers were using Tele Care, rising to 7,600 this year.

The hi-tech system’s sensors monitor customers 24 hours a day using sensors and alarms which will detect falls and emergencies and then alert staff at a central hub. It can also include a bogus caller alert system, which allows users to let the Tele Care team know if they are concerned about someone at their door. For the past few years the service has been using the latest GPS systems, which can locate users.