Heavily pregnant disabled Leeds woman left abusive message for parking in parent and child space

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A Leeds woman who is eight months pregnant was left an abusive message on her car windscreen - because she parked in a parent and child space at Morrisons.

The woman was parking in Morrisons car park in Swinnow, Leeds, when she found there were no disabled spaces.

The abusive note

The abusive note

According to her partner, Chel Kelly, the woman, who is eight months pregnant and has a blue disabled badge for her car, then opted to park in a parent and child bay.

When the couple returned from their shopping - they found the note, which contained not only a swear word but an offensive term for disabled people.

It read: "These spaces are for people with children not for fat lazy ***** or 'disabled'. S*** spaces are behind."

Chel then contacted the YEP. She said: "I have a disgusting and vile letter that was left on my disabled eight months pregnant partner's window screen yesterday at Swinnow Morrisons..

"All because there were no disabled spaces so she used one of many unused parent and child spaces which she is entitled to do.

"Clearly displaying her disabled badge as well. I'll just add my partner is disabled and pregnant.. She had a stroke at 23, walks with a stick and is having a difficult pregnancy for obvious reasons.

"There were no disabled spaces and plenty of child and parent so she put her badge on and parked in one.

"Regardless of whether you think it right or wrong.. The note was a clearly disgusting cowardly thing to do. I am happy to share as I feel the sheer Ignorance of this idiot not just about my wife but about disabled people in general needs to be known publicly and I hope the culprit reads this and realised what an ignorant judgmental moron they really are.

"That note is disgusting and an insult to every disabled person not just my wife."