Heartless Leeds dog owners dump Terrier with broken leg in a cardboard box

Valentine, a terrier cross who was abandoned Walkers crisp box. PIC: Ross Parry
Valentine, a terrier cross who was abandoned Walkers crisp box. PIC: Ross Parry
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Callous dog owners dumped a terrified Terrier pup with a broken leg on a Leeds dog’s home doorstep - in a sodden crisp box.

Defenceless baby pooch Valentine is looking for new loving owners after his last ones abandoned him shaking in the cold cardboard crater with bloodshot eyes and his leg visibly broken.

The 13-week-old poorly pup was discovered by dogs’ home worker Emma Cooper, who said she was “horrified” to see him abandoned in the cold.

Valentine was given medical attention straight away and has since been recovering from his ordeal after being found in the crisp box in Leeds on Valentine’s Day - after which he was named.

Emma Cooper, from Dogs’ Trust Leeds, said: “I was horrified upon arriving at work, to discover beautiful little Valentine in a sodden crisp box on the pavement.

“It was a miracle he hadn’t jumped out and run into the road.

“He was cold, shaking, and visibly distressed but after a lot of care and attention, he is now slowly on the mend.

“We still can’t believe someone would do this on what is supposed to be a day all about love and we hope, after a horrible start in life, he can finally find his forever home.”

Valentine is now looking for new owners who can live up to his bouncy, energetic personality which has made him a hit with staff at the dogs’ home.

The little pup needs a devoted owner who can be around for him during the day and train and socialise him.

Anyone who can find a place in their heart and home for Valentine has been asked to contact the Dogs’ Trust Leeds on 0300 303 0292.