Heartbreaking tale of dog abandoned on Valentine's Day

Lara is now ready for adoption
Lara is now ready for adoption
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An abandoned dog found with a name tag around her neck on a Leeds estate is hoping to find a loving new home.

One-year-old crossbreed Lara was discovered tied to a gate in East End Park on Valentine's Day.

She was taken to Dogs Trust Leeds's re-homing centre in Barwick-in-Elmet, and staff are now hoping to match her with loving new owners.

A note around her neck read 'I am Lara' but provided no other details about her past or ownership.

Centre manager Amanda Sands said:

“While so many dogs were enjoying being spoilt by their devoted owners, poor Lara was scared and alone.

“Sometimes owners can no longer keep their dog for unavoidable reasons, and it’s really sad for them and the dog, but we would urge anyone who can no longer look after their dog to never abandon them in this way. It puts them at risk and through unnecessary stress.

“Luckily Lara was picked up by the dog warden and since then the team have definitely given her all the love she had missed out on on Valentine’s Day!”

One week later, Lara is ready for adoption, and is looking for an active family who can provide her with plenty of walks and adventures. She would be ideally suited to being the only dog in the home.

“She is a gorgeous girl, walks beautifully on the lead and is really lively once she gets to know you. We’re sure she’ll steal someone’s heart soon!" added Amanda.

“Stray dogs like Lara that find themselves at Dogs Trust are the lucky ones, as we will never put a healthy dog to sleep, but not all of the dogs found abandoned are so fortunate. If they don’t have a microchip or the details linked to the microchip aren’t up to date, they are at risk of being put to sleep if a home can’t be found for them, which is an avoidable tragedy.”

Last April it became compulsory to microchip your dog and keep your contact details up to date on the relevant microchip database.

If you think you could offer Lara, who can live in a home with children who are aged 13 or above, her forever home, please call the centre on 0300 303 0292 or visit her at Dogs Trust Leeds, Woodlands Farm, York Road, Leeds, LS15 4NL. You can also find out more at www.dogstrust.org.uk.