Yorkshire Ambulance Service paramedic ‘can no longer work’

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A paramedic has volunteered to stop practising after admitting allegations that she did not care for patients properly.

Sarah Hardcastle, who was working for Yorkshire Ambulance Service, was also accused of failing to treat a patient with chest pains sufficiently after she was unable to use a defibrillator as a lead had been left at a previous call. She has signed an agreement volunteering to be removed from the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) register, so she will no longer be able to work in the field.

A HCPC Fitness to Practice hearing panel decided: “In all the circumstances, the panel is satisfied that both the public and the public interest would be adequately protected by the terms of the agreement reached between the Registrant and the HCPC inasmuch as the registrant will henceforth be prevented from acting as a paramedic and should she ever seek to return to the register, her application would be treated as though she had been struck off.”

Ms Hardcastle faced two allegations relating to her role as a paramedic for Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

In August 2011, she attended a call where a patient had fallen from a horse and allegedly did not provide an appropriate level of care in that she did not take any equipment, did not properly assess them, walked them to the ambulance and/or drove the ambulance to hospital, leaving an assistant practitioner to care for them.

The other incident was alleged to have happened in March 2012 when she was called to a patient with chest pains and a defibrillator lead had been left at a previous job, so she was unable to use the equipment.

It was also alleged that she did not call for back-up and/or carry out other treatments and failed to fill in records.

Ms Hardcastle was not present or represented at the HCPC hearing but the panel heard she had admitted her 
fitness to practice was impaired.

A spokeswoman for Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust said that after the allegations were made, Ms Hardcastle was suspended and the case referred to the HCPC.

“We conducted an internal investigation and before this was concluded she resigned from the trust on August 31, 2012,” the spokeswoman added.