Yorkshire Adoption Day to help find families for more children

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organisers of the first ever Yorkshire official Adoption Day are hoping to help more children find a permanent family.

On Monday, a pop-up roadshow will be in Leeds, while a major advertising campaign to tie-in with the event will start.

The day is part of the Yorkshire and Humber Adoption Consortium’s new Being Family campaign, which is aiming to dispel myths around who can adopt.

Nic Haughton, manager at the Yorkshire and Humber Adoption Consortium, who is leading the campaign, said: “The aim of the new Adoption Day is to encourage more potential adopters in the region to come forward and think about adoption.

“We want to bust some of the myths about adoption, about age, marital status and income levels. We want people to think ‘maybe I could do that’ rather than rule themselves out.

“We have over 850 children from the Yorkshire and Humber region waiting to be matched with approved adopters right now and the numbers are growing.”

Carrie, from Leeds, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “My husband and I decided to adopt after I suffered several miscarriages and was diagnosed with endometriosis, which prevented me from conceiving naturally. I can’t put into words how rewarding adopting our child has been for us. You are giving a child a good home and a happy life with loving parents. I will be attending the roadshow in Leeds to talk through the process – come down for a chat.”

Yorkshire-born celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton said: “I’m proud to have been adopted as a child and strongly believe without the loving support of my parents and family I may not have become the man that I am today.”

The roadshow will be at the White Rose Shopping Centre from 10am until 8pm. Log on to www.beingfamily.co.uk.

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