Spinning around to get fitter

The Powerhoop.
The Powerhoop.
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Remember hula-hooping? The childhood craze is back – and it is the latest way to get fit.

Instead of the usual plastic hoops, the Powerhoop is a specially weighted fitness hoop which can burn calories and tone the waistline and hips.

Users can practice at home, with the help of an instructional DVD which comes with the kit, or as part of a Powerhoop class.

A network of over 400 instructors run classes across the UK, including in Leeds, and a 45-minute class can burn around 650 calories.

Founder Karyn Seroussi says: “The classes are great fun - hooping is far more effective at activating your core muscles and much easier to master due to the large size.

“We have a brilliant product and I feel truly passionate about how life changing hooping can be.”

Karyn came up with the idea to market a weighted hoop when she began noticing her own ‘middle aged spread.’

She says: “I worried about my quality of life as I aged. Someone suggested that I try using a traditional hula hoop, but I didn’t have the coordination to keep it spinning.

“Then I came across a weighted fitness hoop and was stunned by the results. Within a month I had lost two inches off my waist and there was a vast improvement in my back pain and stiffness.

“We were so excited when our results were borne out by a research lab. Developing the Powerhoop Workout with a team of top-notch fitness professionals has been a fantastic experience, and the public demand for classes has been overwhelming.”

The Deluxe Powerhoop costs £54.95 but other models start at £24.95.

For more: Visit www.powerhoop.co.uk.

Tried and tested

If you loved hula-hooping as a child, you’ll love the Powerhoop – but keeping it spinning takes some practice. The weights make it much tougher, and don’t overdo it at first – it can even leave bruising if you do too much. But build up gently and you’ll quickly see the results in a slimmer waist and a more toned up tum. It’s lots of fun too, and easy to find time to fit into a busy lifestyle – just make sure you’ve got enough room as the hoop is large, although it can be dismantled. For a more sociable workout, try one of the Powerhoop classes which use the hoop not only for spinning but also in lots of other exercises to give the whole body a workout.