Shock as stroke hits 21-year-old

Jennifer Tebb, right, and Claire Payne.
Jennifer Tebb, right, and Claire Payne.
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WHEN Jennifer Tebb noticed her speech was a little slurred, she assumed it was because of the type 1 diabetes she suffers from.

But a few days later she was given the shocking news that she had in fact suffered a stroke at the age of just 21.

Doctors don’t yet know why she had a stroke, but she is still coming to terms with the experience.

“It’s been horrible,” she said.

“It’s still difficult for me to understand that I’ve had a stroke, as it is not something you’d ever expect to happen to yourself at just 21. It was the worst experience of my life so far and incredibly scary.”

Jennifer, from Ossett, noticed earlier this month that her speech was slurred, but thought her blood sugar was low. After a few days, she realised her face had drooped.

Her GP sent her to Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield – where she has been working as a healthcare assistant before starting a nursing degree.

“I was seen by a consultant that night who said they thought it was stroke but only a small one,” she added.

Jennifer was in hospital for several days and will undergo more checks to find out the cause. Medics don’t know whether the stroke was linked to diabetes, or have suggested it could have been linked to taking the combined Pill.

She has been put on medication and is recovering at home.

“The only history of stroke in my family was my great grandma and she was elderly when she had it, so it was never something I thought would happen to me,” she added.

Jennifer’s experience has inspired friend Claire Payne to join a fun run in aid of the Stroke Association at Roundhay Park, Leeds today. (Aug 23).

Claire said: “Jennie is such a bubbly, outgoing character and is always making others smile.

“Seeing her affected by the stroke and making such a remarkable recovery was my inspiration to sign up for the run.”

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