Ready to Blaze your way to fitness?

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Promoted by David Lloyd Leeds

Is it possible to burn 1,000 calories in a 45 minute class? Work your hardest at David Lloyd Clubs newest fitness class Blaze and you might...

Got a competitive streak? Like to work up a good sweat? Keen to up your metabolism? Blaze is likely to be the workout for you.

The new fitness class, inspired by the trend of high intensity interval training, has just launched at David Lloyd Leeds in Tongue Lane, and class members are already finding themselves addicted to the adrenaline buzz.

With a wide range of fitness classes on the market and everyone claiming to be the short-cut to good health, what is it about Blaze that makes it stand out from the rest?

First is that class-goers have a heart rate monitor strapped to their chest on arriving, to see the intensity they’re working at.

Screens display everyone’s heart rate and effort zone, allowing participants to compete against each other, or simply smash their own personal best.

Secondly, the class itself. In a custom-designed boutique-style studio, Blaze consists of a unique combo of mixed martial arts, cardio, and strength-training. Moving through a series of stations, the intensive activities change every three minutes with members resting briefly, to maximize the results that HIIT style training gives. Channel your inner Roadrunner on a Woodway treadmill - designed to limit stress on the joints and mimic your gait when running outside - then make like Jackie Chan, with some slick martial arts moves on the punch and core bags, before pumping serious iron on a weight bench called the Blaze box that allows you to customize the weight to your ability.

What else is it that has Blaze enthusiasts so amped? That’ll be the bass-pounding tunes, curated and crafted into an absolutely epic soundtrack by the best house and techno DJs.

So, it’s a fitness class for those looking for a challenge, and with David Lloyd Clubs throwing down the gauntlet by encouraging members to work their way up to burning a hefty 1,000 calories in a single 45-minute class it’s certainly a klaxon to anyone who fancies stepping up their fitness regime in 2018.

As well as 45-minute classes, there are 55 minute sessions on the Leedstimetable, for those who want to push themselves even harder.

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