Praise for Yorkshire-based caring app as funding drive starts

Joyce and John Hardaker
Joyce and John Hardaker
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A West Yorkshire carer has described a hi-tech new app devised by a firm in the region as a “godsend”.

The innovators behind App4Care say it could transform the lives of carers and those they look after by enabling them to stay connected easily, even from miles away.

West Yorkshire-based social enterprise Apt Choices has created the interlinked smartphone apps for the carer and their relative or friend, with functions including a panic alert, a falls sensor and a location alert which shows when they leave a set zone.

Joyce Hardaker, from Ilkley, cares for husband John, who had a stroke three years ago which affected the 72-year-old’s mobility and speech.

Mrs Hardaker, 65, also cares for her 48-year-old daughter, Jane, who is partially sighted and struggles to walk as she has a brain tumour.

“I recently spent a night away from John for the first time, as there comes a time when you’ve got to do it. He was absolutely fine but an app like this would have given me even more confidence, and maybe I would have done it sooner,” Mrs Hardaker said.

“Being able to keep in touch from afar, monitor how he is feeling and to be able to see if he’s taken his medication, it would be brilliant. The app will be really helpful for lots of carers out there and if it gives just one person freedom and peace of mind it’s a winner.”

A crowdfunding campaign has now been launched through Kickstarter to generate £55,000, which is needed to put the invention on the market.

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