New book documents cancer journey

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when joe Romani was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer in 2004, doctors said he had two years to live.

But his wife Julie wasn’t prepared to accept that there was just one treatment.

Instead she dedicated herself to researching other conventional and alternative treatments.

The father-of-two died in 2011, and now his story – including his cancer journey – has been turned into a book by his wife.

Mr Romani, a self-made millionaire through his Leeds-based demolition business, was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer aged 54.

“It was like a death sentence because there was nothing they could do about it,” Mrs Romani, from Drighlington, near Leeds, said.

“All he could do was take hormone treatment. I was not going to accept that.”

From that day, Mrs Romani started researching other treatments, which included diets, drinks, vitamins and herbs.

“He had three years where he took only alternative treatments,” she said.

They were supported throughout by consultant oncologist Professor Tim Oliver, who advised Mrs Romani to write her husband’s life story.

Now the 49-year-old’s book It’s All About Cancer – A Personal Story – An Inspirational Book of Help and Guidance for Longevity and Prevention, has been published.

She said: “I want all the people he knew to know about his struggle, but to know it’s a success story as well.”

Prof Oliver said that though none of the therapies gave lasting results, each had a degree of success.

Buy via – £1 from each goes to male cancer charity Orchid.

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