‘Nanny state’ rich list includes Leeds director

Dr Ian Cameron
Dr Ian Cameron
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The city’s director of public health earned £10,000 more than the Prime Minister, according to new research.

Dr Ian Cameron, who received total remuneration of £153,875 in 2014-15, was among more than 300 officials paid more than £99,999 a year, the pressure group Taxpayers’ Alliance said.

He was 23rd on the best paid list of local authority public health directors.

Fifth was Sheffield’s former director of public health Jeremy Wight, who received a total of £178,035, according to freedom of information responses. His successor is on a salary of £105,494.

Of the 325 public health bosses, who were on over £100,000 in 2014-15, 43 were on over £149,000.

The research also revealed 199 people working for Public Health England - whose aim is “to protect and improve the nation’s health and to address inequalities” - are on salaries and allowances of over £99,999.

There were also 16 regional NHS public health employees with salaries and bonuses of over £99,999.

The TA described the salaries as “enormous” and said instead of “constantly capitulating to the High Priests of the Nanny State by introducing more rules and higher taxes, politicians should instead encourage education, physical activity in schools and more personal responsibility.”

But Leeds City Council responded: “If the TA had read the Leeds Health and Wellbeing Strategy they would see the things they say we should be doing to improve public health – education, physical activity in schools and more personal responsibility - are all included as part of what we are doing in Leeds.” In the long run prevention of future illnesses saved the taxpayer money, they added.