Love Your Liver: Pop up health tour visits Leeds

Nicola Mellings tests Fran Draper.
Nicola Mellings tests Fran Draper.
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Liver health was in under the spotlight in Leeds with free tests on offer to the public.

The British LIver Trust brought its pop-up Love Your Liver tour to the Morrisons store in Hunslet, to promote liver health and offer non-invasive tests.

Liver disease is the only of the ‘big 5’ diseases that is on the increase but detecting it early can save the NHS £600m a year and 1 million lives.

Trust experts spoke to visitors about the three-step approach to a healthy liver: take two to three days off alcohol every week, and drink safely when you do; cut down on sugary and fatty foods and get regular exercise.

Chief executive Andrew Langford said last year on the trust’s UK tour, about 22 per cent of those tested had signs of early damage.

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