Lifesaving care for baby by Leeds Army doc

Cpl Michelle Oates at work in Kenya
Cpl Michelle Oates at work in Kenya
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An Army medic from Leeds helped save the life of a desperately sick child in Kenya.

Corporal Michelle Oates was part of a team working in some of the most remote parts of the country.

With fellow doctors, nurses, combat medics from Gosport-based 33 Field Hospital, Cpl Oates has been taking part in Exercise Askari Serpent to set up temporary health centres.

Though the clinics are intended to treat minor ailments, when a very ill baby girl was brought in, they swung into action.

In a queue outside a temporary centre, a distressed mum was spotted with her her three-week-old daughter, who was battling a serious infection.

Captain Laurence Baum, 27, said: “It was very clear that she was very sick so we brought mother and child through to the tent where we gave the child life-saving treatment.

“It was very clear that this child needed to be transferred to a hospital but some more treatment needed to be done before we could.

“Once we were content the baby was stable enough she was moved to the nearest hospital. Without our intervention this baby would most certainly have died.”

Cpl Oates, 26, added: “Something that I will take away from my time here is the treatment of that baby – just being able to see how much she came round and changed after treatment.

“It was a bit nerve-wracking because being in the army we don’t really treat children.

“Her mum got a bit upset as we were on the way to hospital but we just did our best to comfort her.”

Three troops of medics travelled across Kenya, setting up new clinics every few days.

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