Leeds walk for charity after tragic baby losses

Becky Sweaton
Becky Sweaton
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A woman who suffered two ectopic pregnancies is taking on a waterside walk in support of the charity which helped her.

Becky Sweaton is now unable to conceive naturally and the 28-year-old wants to raise awareness of ectopic pregnancies, where the foetus forms outside the womb, usually in a fallopian tube.

It is always fatal to the baby and can be life-threatening to the mother.

She said: “Not much is known about this condition and not many people talk about it, but I hope that what has happened to me can give some benefit to others, even if it’s just so people know there is a charity out there that can help.”

Becky, from Hunslet, Leeds, was thrilled to find out she was pregnant early last year.

However a few weeks later she was struck with a terrible pain in her side and rushed to a specialist unit at hospital.

Doctors diagnosed an ectopic pregnancy and found a fallopian tube had ruptured, meaning they had to operate immediately.

Afterwards she and her partner were devastated.

“I spent nearly a year grieving for our loss,” she said.

Support through the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust helped and in April this year she discovered she was pregnant again, but sadly an early scan found the pregnancy was again ectopic.

Her remaining fallopian tube had to be removed, so now she and her partner are starting the process of fertility treatment.

She found the charity a huge support and has organised tomorrow’s walk from Thwaite Mills to Kirkstall Abbey, along with 15 female relatives, to show her gratitude.

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