Leeds Save Our Surgery Campaign: Pledge to look at options in heart fight

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A HEALTH minister has assured a Leeds MP that the review of children’s heart surgery could look at more options for a planned shake-up.

Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland quizzed Simon Burns in Parliament about whether plans to cut the number of heart surgery centres could change so more hospitals kept their services. Currently the Leeds General Infirmary unit is under threat because it only appears in one of four possible future set-ups.

Mr Mulholland asked that the Government did not rule out looking at the plans again if it was shown both Leeds and Newcastle could stay open. Mr Burns said the committee of health trusts making the decision could increase the number of centres to remain if it decided this was necessary.

Following the debate, Mr Mulholland said: “It is so important that the committee do not just restrict themselves to the four options that have been laid out in the review. It seems absurd that despite the fact it has been shown that the Leeds unit could remain as a standalone unit, whereas the Newcastle unit would not be able to survive without Leeds closing, Leeds only features in one of the four current options.

The Leeds unit provides an invaluable service to the whole region and it is vital we keep pushing to keep it in Leeds”.

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