Leeds burial site costs 4th highest among major UK cities

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Burial site costs in Leeds are the fourth highest among the UK’s major cities.

Research from Post Office Money Funeral Planning revealed that the average price of a plot in the city is £2,223 with the most expensive being Birmingham at £2,815.

Nick Kennett, Director of Financial Services at Post Office Money, said: “The cost of a final resting place is just one of many things that people have to consider when planning for their own funeral or that of a loved one.

“As the research demonstrates, the variable cost of land across the UK has effectively created a postcode lottery and the results are surprising enough that people may have to pay more than they were initially expecting.”

The cheapest plots were in Belfast and 47 per cent less than the national average, at a cost of £980.

While prices are unsurprisingly cheaper for those seeking to inter cremated remains, there is still a great deal of variation across the nation’s cities with costs ranging from £875 in Leeds, £1,148 in Manchester to £353 in Belfast.

One in five UK adults would still like to be buried and over half planned to be cremated.

Mr Kennett added: “The cost of burial sites is likely to continue to rise as time goes on and the cost of land itself increases.

“This is particularly concerning as 70 per cent of adults in the UK currently have made no financial provision for their funeral.”

Last year the YEP revealed that more than 800 paupers’ funerals had been organised in Leeds over the previous seven years.

Hundreds of people in the city had died alone or in poverty including an 89 and 95-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman.