Leeds bride’s walk of courage

'INDEPENDANCE BACK': Julie Elliot with her husband-to-be James Campbell. Picture: Simon Hulme
'INDEPENDANCE BACK': Julie Elliot with her husband-to-be James Campbell. Picture: Simon Hulme
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JULIE Elliott can’t wait to walk down the aisle hand-in-hand with her beloved fiance.

She has been in a wheelchair since she suffered a devastating stroke.

But now the brave bride-to-be is aiming to finally make it on foot to the altar – with bionic-style mechanical assistance.

The 35-year-old from Calverley, Leeds, wants to buy a special machine that will strap to her leg to help give her the independence she craves.

Julie was at a fly-ball event in Doncaster, in June 2008, when she suddenly felt something “snap” inside her head.

She spent months in hospital and had a life-threatening operation to insert a clip on the neck of an aneurysm inside her head.

Husband-to-be James Campbell hopes to raise thousands of pounds to buy the aids that will fit to Julie’s leg and arm to help her on the road to recovery.

Julie told the YEP: “It feels like I’m the terminator when I have tried them but they will give me my independence back.

“I’ll be able to walk on my own with my stick knowing that I’m not going to go over.

“It is going to give me my life back again. Hopefully it will bring on our wedding much quicker and I won’t have to worry about not being able to walk down the aisle.”

The couple had the church booked and their friends were due to fly over from America but following Julie’s stroke they made the devastating decision to call off the wedding.

Now the pair need to raise around £6,000 for the bionic devices that will help strengthen Julie’s muscles. Even the local slimming world group that Julie’s mother attends is helping the couple raise extra money.

James, who has penned a blog about Julie’s recovery, added: “At the moment all Julie’s life seems to be is going from the door to the car.

“If we go anywhere we have to take her wheelchair.

“We haven’t walked hand in hand for nearly three years now.

“When you see anyone else walking down the street and you can’t do that it’s such a big thing.

“We’re still in our 30s so this will help to make such a massive difference to us.”

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