Heartbreak for brave Leeds toddler

Amie Mills and Damion Sutcliffe with their daughter Skye , 16 months. Picture Tony Johnson
Amie Mills and Damion Sutcliffe with their daughter Skye , 16 months. Picture Tony Johnson
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A family have spoken of their devastation at the news their daughter’s rare blood cancer has returned - and is now incurable.

Brave 16-month-old Skye Sutcliffe has been battling an extremely rare combination of acute lymphoblastic and myeloid leukaemia since she was 20 weeks old. Hopes were high in August last year after her three-year-old brother Harvey donated bone marrow to Skye for what doctors considered to be her best chance of survival.

Both youngsters recovered well from the operation and initial thoughts on Skye’s condition were positive. However the family have now been told by medics that both types of leukaemia have returned.

Mum Amie Mills said: “It’s hard because we can only help her the best we can but she can’t communicate to us what’s hurting or how to help and that’s difficult for us. Skye’s crackers, funny and independent and nothing fazes her. This is everyday life for us now and it’s just something we get on with because you have to.

“I just hope that when Harvey is old enough to understand exactly what he did for Skye - that even though it didn’t work, he’s still happy and proud he donated his bone marrow for her.”

With no treatment for a cure available, Skye is now under palliative care, but the inspirational girl is still fighting. Skye’s grandma Amelia Sockett, is appealing to the community to get involved in a fun run in her granddaughter’s name.

The three-mile ‘Run for Skye’ will take place in Middleton Park on Saturday 14 February between 11am-2pm.

Amelia said: “There are so many people who want to help and the run is a perfect opportunity for them to feel they are doing something.

“Skye is amazing with each knock she just bounces back with abundance.

“With no time scale of how long she will be with us, we are all just making the most of each and every day, they can never say never either so we are still hoping and praying for a miracle.”

All proceeds raised will be split between two charities Candlelighters and Delete Blood Cancer UK to help them carry on their work towards finding a cure.

For tickets visit: www.runleeds.co.uk/skye

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