Effective gum disease treatment comes to Leeds

Dr Francesco Martelli
Dr Francesco Martelli
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A highly effective new treatment for gum disease is now exclusively available in Leeds.

Periodontal Biological Laser-Assisted Therapy, known as Perioblast, successfully eradicated advanced gum disease in all the patients involved in the largest ever study of the treatment.

According to the British Dental Health Foundation, 80 per cent of the UK population have periodontal – or gum – disease.

Six million people suffer from the most severe form, which can cause tooth loss, and the creators of the new treatment say this is the first time a cure has been developed.

Lead researcher and clinician Dr Francesco Martelli said: “Currently periodontal disease is managed rather than treated. Existing methods are ineffective for wiping out the disease and long term treatment often results in the unnecessary removal of teeth.

“We have developed a treatment that can eradicate the pathogens permanently. Perioblast is a breakthrough that gives patients the chance to save their teeth, regenerate bone and ultimately be pain-free.”

In the new treat, a laser is used and is guided by a microscope, meaning it is less invasive and highly precise.

Dr Martelli added: “Now that Perioblast is available there is no reason for anyone in the UK to suffer tooth loss, no matter their age, gender or lifestyle. Periodontal disease is much more than an oral health problem, it’s an overall health time bomb.

The treatment is available at the IMI Clinic on Boar Lane in Leeds. Visit http://imiclinic.co.uk/mdoc/periodontitis-treatment-leeds/ for information.