Advance for Yorkshire GP’s hi-tech monitoring service

A patient using a self-testing device
A patient using a self-testing device
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A GP surgery which has led the way in hi-tech remote monitoring has improved its service for patients.

Ilkley Moor Medical Practice was the first GP surgery in Yorkshire to offer digital self-monitoring for patients on the blood-thinning drug warfarin.

The new update to the technology means results from the monitoring system is sent automatically so patients receive the updated dose of their medication even more quickly.

The service alerts the patient to take a finger prick blood sample and insert it into a self-testing device to measure their blood clotting speed.

This reading is then sent securely to the clinic by the patient at their chosen time by going online or in a pre-arranged phone call or by going online.

The software automatically calculates the patient’s new warfarin dose for it to be checked and confirmed by a nurse, with the update – delivered by Harrogate-based digital health company Inhealthcare – meaning a nurse is no longer required to manually enter test results into the system.

Dr Mark French, Lead GP for this service, said: “Our rural location means clinic can be hard to reach for some, so delivering rapid results to patients in their homes makes all the difference. On top of this we’ve helped to ease waiting room pressures and reduce paperwork for our anticoagulation team.”

Patient Martin Smith said: “I’m often travelling for work so self-testing gives me the confidence that my dose is spot on and removes the worry of fitting regular clinic appointments with my schedule when I’m away from home.”

More in online care record

A scheme to provide a digital care record for all patients in Leeds has been extended to adult social care information.

Leeds Care Record aims to bring together certain information from the 300 clinical computer systems in the city so that health details held about a patient can be viewed in one place. It is held on a secure, confidential computer system.

Dr Paul Maddy, GP at Hillfoot Surgery in Pudsey, said: “Leeds Care Record is a very valuable tool which helps support seamless care to our patients across the city. 

Understanding how adult social care is supporting one of our patients will help us to provide more effective care.”