Has Leeds parking warden wheelie done that?

A Leeds traffic warden puts a parking ticket on a wheelbarrow.
A Leeds traffic warden puts a parking ticket on a wheelbarrow.
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This is the moment a traffic warden appears to put a parking ticket on a wheelbarrow in Leeds city centre.

The parking attendant is spotted writing out then placing a ticket on the offending garden item, which appears to be carrying two paving slabs.

But it is not quite clear what traffic offence the owner of the wheelbarrow committed.

The pictures, posted on social media website Twitter, show there are no yellow lines near the parking spot but there appears to be no sign of a pay-and-display ticket.

The photographs were posted by @Geezajay2013 who tweeted: “Leeds City Council putting a parking ticket on a wheel barrow [sic]”.

A Leeds City Council spokesman has today confirmed the photograph was a spoof.



He said: “Leeds City Council was made aware over the weekend of a photograph posted online and on social media which appeared to show one of our Civil Enforcement Officers issuing a Penalty Charge Notice to a wheelbarrow.

“Having checked our records today we can confirm that this ticket was not issued and we can only conclude that the image is a spoof.”

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