Harrogate girl on the run to raise cash for charity

Emily Eggleston with dad Simon.
Emily Eggleston with dad Simon.
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Ten years ago Emily Eggleston was admitted to Harrogate Hospital after contracting the deadly Meningitis B disease at just nine days old.

She spent her first three months fighting for life while she underwent crucial treatment for bacterial meningitis and septicaemia - diseases that can kill and disable within hours.

Now ten years old, the Rossett Acre primary school pupil is “full of beans” and running a 5k race in Leeds to raise money for the Meningitis Research Foundation.

The Color Me Rad 5k race, which takes place at Harewood House on May 21, is one of many activities Emily is taking part in.

She’s already raised over £250 as part of her fundraising efforts and she hopes to raise even more for the cause close to her heart.

Emily’s father Simon, 29, was just 18 when she was born and said his daughter’s illness completely threw him.

“When she was admitted with meningitis, I had never known stress or worry like it.” he said.

“This tiny baby was on the brink of death. It was the hardest time of my life.

“Seeing her now you’d never think she was so sick for so long with such a serious disease.”

They also want to use the opportunity to spread some awareness about the disease.

“With so much in the media about meningitis we wanted to bring home the importance of catching symptoms such as excess crying and aversion to touch,” said Simon.

“Emily was originally misdiagnosed with colic and it wasn’t until she started having seizures at home that we knew something was seriously, seriously wrong.

“We caught it before the rash developed – which was lucky because this can often mean it’s too late.

“But we also want to reassure parents out there that there is hope.”

Emily, who is extremely active and loves football, cartwheeling and school, said: “I feel lucky to have survived meningitis because I know some other kids haven’t been so lucky.”

To see their JustGiving page visit www.justgiving.com/RunnyEggs05.