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Family: Matt Simpson, Henry Simpson and Kate Leedham
Family: Matt Simpson, Henry Simpson and Kate Leedham
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Kate Leedham, 35, and Matt Simpson have been together for six years and engaged for four years.

They live in Temple Newsam with their four-year-old son Henry Simpson.

Kate is an accountant and Matt, 33, is a builder.

What are your top tips for getting children to do what you ask?

Giving them an incentive to do it – also known as bribery!

What family task takes you the longest?

Meal times, most of the time Henry messes about with his food even though we know he wants to eat it. We just have to sit it out until he realises he won’t be leaving the table until he’s eaten his meal.

What’s the weirdest thing your child has done/brought home/done to your house?

We were recently at a friend’s house for a BBQ and when we got home we found that Henry had stuffed his pockets full of pebbles from their driveway.

What’s the funniest thing your child has ever said/done?

“Mummy when I grow up I’m going to marry Uncle Garry (CORRECT).” My sister is getting married soon so he hears about marriage a lot but really doesn’t understand it yet.

What’s your favourite family day out?

Stockeld Park, near Wetherby. There are so many things to do. Henry loves getting lost in the maze and going round all the play areas in the forest. Matt especially loves the go-karts so him and Henry can race around. I usually find my inner teenager and go roller skating.

What hobbies/pastimes do you enjoy as a family and separately?

We all love to go for walks and picnics. If it’s raining it’s usually bowling or the cinema. Henry and Matt play football together most days too.

What’s the hardest thing about being a parent?

Worrying that they will always be ok, first day at nursery, then onto school...

What’s a typical evening for the grown-ups once the children are in bed?

Tidy up after the whirlwind, have a glass of wine and watch TV.

What is your most treasured memory?

The day Henry was born, it was a long hard two days but without a doubt the best day of our lives.