Half of UK drivers are primed to go ‘electric’

REFUELLING: An electric car on the streets of Leeds.
REFUELLING: An electric car on the streets of Leeds.
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Public support for the Government’s proposed 2040 ban on new petrol and diesel cars is growing.

New research from Consumer Intelligence reveals 39 per cent of consumers voice support for the future prohibition.

The study shows half of Britain’s drivers say they will consider an electric alternative when buying their next car, with 11 percent saying they are ‘very likely’ to purchase an electric car next time around.

The market research agency’s chief executive, Ian Hughes, said: “Deteriorating air quality is a huge environmental public health concern and our research shows that 67 per cent of consumers are worried about health risks from air pollution.”

But there are still concerns putting people off electric car ownership, 76 per cent believe a switch to an electric car is unaffordable, 70 per cent feel that electric cars are not suitable for long journeys and 77 per cent are put off by the perceived lack of charging points.

The research also reveals the extent to which drivers would be encouraged to switch by Government subsidies. If a Government scrappage scheme was introduced, as many as two thirds of drivers would be encouraged to get rid of their petrol and diesel motors. And more than three quarters would be more likely to buy an electric car if the Government increased grants for purchasing one.

Mr Hughes added: “There is growing public support for the 2040 blanket ban on diesel and petrol cars but the Government and motor industry need to address public scepticism for electric transport. Consumer perceptions of high costs, lack of charging points and long distance capabilities need to be tackled. The Government’s plans are set to unravel rapidly if it fails to address a number of structural issues in its strategy including costs to the public of new electric cars; supply of electricity from the grid; and the need to accelerate the pace of technological change in battery design.”