Gunman threatened nephew in Leeds street over family feud

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A MAN who threatened his nephew in the street with a fake gun as part of a family fued has been jailed.

Michael Hall, 54, was sentenced to two years after a court heard how he pulled out the imitation firearm as his relative was with his partner and two small children.

Members of the public out shopping and visiting a nearby doctor’s surgery were also terrified during the incident.


Leeds Crown Court heard Hall stopped his car alongside Ashley Ingleby as he walked with his young family along Harehills Lane, Leeds, on August 20 last year.

He lowered the window of the vehicle and said: “This is how easy it is giong to be for me to get you.”

Hall then pointed the weapon at him his as shocked members of the public looked on.

The grandfather then drove off but stopped a short distance away and got out of the car before pointing it at Mr Ingleby again.

Hall then got back into the car and left the scene.

He was arrested but denied having the weapon. He was found guilty of possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence after a trial.

Hall, of Parkwood Road, Beeston, claimed he had been carrying an aerosol at the time but the jury rejected his account.

One witness at the trial described seeing an arm sticking out of the car holding on to a gun.

The court heard the background to the incident was a family disagreement over relatives visiting Hall’s mother while she was in hospital.

Police had been to Hall’s home days before the incident to inform him that they had received “credible intelligence” of a threat made against his life.

Jailing Hall, judge Penelope Belcher said: “None of that begins to justify dealing with a family dispute by way of producing a gun.

“Carrying weapons in the street is a serious matter and the courts treat them as a serious matter.

“Sentences need to reflect the fact that others need to understand that carrying weapons in the street are serious offences.”